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day 27: earwax 101

at yesterday's 2-year check-up, the pediatrician remarked that em's ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis. she explained that asians tend to have drier wax due to the absence of some small oil gland in the ear, and that we'd want to address this issue before we might need to (i.e., if emmy ever gets an ear infection). the doctor recommended mixing 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide with 1 ounce of water, then using a dropper to put some of the solution into each ear, every other day, at bedtime. she also said that we'd want to put in a little cotton plug so that the liquid doesn't drain out immediately.

ahem. okay, riiight. cause emmy would love to have that done each night, cotton and all.

nevertheless, curiosity killed the cat and there's actually quite a bit of discussion about this issue out there. so i guess we should address it... have you run into this? coming from my apparently very caucasian ears, i'd love to know how asian parents deal with the wax buildup... and if you mention the scoop, at what age did you start to use it?

yes, this is random and tmi and bizarre. it's almost the end of NaBloPoMo - so shoot me.


4 Responses to “day 27: earwax 101”

  1. # Blogger Angela

    I've never heard about this at all, but it does explain why my ears always feel rather tickly and I do use Q-tips on a regular basis. My kids have never complained about too much wax in their ears and I've never noticed too much build-up. Though my daughter did require ear tubes after enduring countless ear infections, and now I'm wondering if the issue would have been addressed if someone had mentioned this lack of oil gland.
    Good luck to you and Emmy, it does not sound like fun. I hope if you have to do it, that it goes okay and it's not too traumatic for all of you....but you know, Cosmo's were made for such occasions. ;-)  

  2. # Blogger halfmama

    I can't remember when my mom started using the scoop on me... but I'm way too scared to use it on the twins.

    The twins' old pediatrician told us that Buddy had a lot of buildup too, and suggested using Debrox. You can find it at any drugstore. Just drop a couple in her ears at night, and it will loosen things up. We used it once or twice, and when we went back to the dr a week or two later (he had been sick and the second visit was for a checkup), the dr told us his ears were better. Maybe you can try that...? I guess that's the same as the mixture your dr told you about, but we didn't use a cotton plug and it was fine.  

  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    hah... did not know that. Yeah, I remember I LOVED getting my ears cleaned, head on my mom's lap... I should totally look into getting a scoop. LN loves getting her ears cleaned, she's as weird as I am. For now, we use Q-tips. I pull out some of the cotton (LN helps me) so the tips are skinny enough for her ears. Then I dip the tips in lotion for lubrication (hm, sounds like I was doing the right thing given the oil gland thing) and gently clean out her ears...
    Incidently, I clean out her belly button that way as well. So far no wax build-up.
    (TMI but a certain someone in our house never cleans his ears - when I found out prior to a trip (he said that he doesn't need any q-tips for the trip), I asked him why. He claims that, if you clean your ears, you get ear infections... I assume that info came from MIL. Has anyone else heard such a thing???)  

  4. # Blogger kim

    Thanks for sharing, mamas! I am such a Q-Tip fanatic myself, but I've always been so leery about getting them near Em. Guess we'll be hitting the drugstore for a quick liquid fix instead.  

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