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day eight: running out of time

emmy, circa december 2005... and she's still laughing at me

had my monthly ob exam today, including the super tasty glucose test. while it's really not so bad, trying to gulp down 5 ounces of concentrated-fruit-punch-gone-horribly-wrong while taking care of your toddler's potty needs AND rushing out the door to get to school on time is just not the way i'd prefer to start my day. needless to say, i'll be reaching for that pint of ben & jerry's during grey's tonight, thank you very much. the doctor mentioned that after next month's check-up, i'll start having exams every two weeks. yikes! how did my pregnancy fly by so quickly? where did all the time (and second trimester energy) go?! and most importantly, isn't there something i need to buy for baby #2? it's pretty convenient having girls born in roughly the same seasons but i'm sure there's something that poor kiki needs, other than the giant jug o' baby detergent i lugged home this week. or the leftover boxes of nursing pads from all my mom friends. (tmi?) aside from diapers, what do you recommend getting for a second child?

oh, and i think little kikums realizes that she's going to get the shaft as the second child. she's decided to remind me of her presence 24/7. emmy never kicked this much, and i'm pretty certain that the baby will squirm her way out of the ol' c-section scar one of these days.


in other news, i'm sending a big thanks to all you readers / commenters out there; your comments have kept me at this NaBloPoMo craziness so far (along with my all-consuming thirst for free stuff!). i've loved reading about your randomness this week and hope that we can all be graced by free chicken bObles one day. and more recently...

auntie becky - you'll always be cool in our book! emmy's already so excited about seeing "baby v" this month, although i have to keep reminding her that she's not such a baby anymore!

halfmama and mama nabi - i wish *we* could all sit around and play with those cool pretend foods and kitchens. seriously, we didn't have anything nearly this cool when we were kids! you're both invited to come "cook" at our house post-holidays... and i *guess* the kids can come too. (who am i kidding? they'd have to be there!)

lastly, thanks to superha for the shout-out idea - what a nifty way to find more to write about. peace out, kiddos, it's time for ice cream and mindless tv!

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4 Responses to “day eight: running out of time”

  1. # Blogger Superha

    anytime, girl! wow, your pregnancy really did fly by. sending you lots of good wishes and bravado for the final stretch.

    i'd stock up on long sleeved onesies for the winter. you can never have enough. oooh, also those sleep gowns are great for nighttime diaper changes. no snaps or zippers to worry about.

    hope you enjoyed the ice cream and grey's!  

  2. # Blogger honglien123

    You're in the third trimester...already? But, didn't you just get pregnant?

    I don't know if Kiki will necessarily get the shaft as the second baby. Maybe more hand me downs but she probably won't notice the difference till she's older. She'll be your baby (while Em will always be your first baby). There's a special status to being the baby.

    In terms of what to get, I don't actually know. Since we had a boy and our kids are farther apart we had to pretty much buy things all over again. I would wait till after the babyshower if you're having one since a lot of essentials are given then.

    Oh, and I remember those glucose test...yuck!  

  3. # Blogger halfmama

    Hmmm... I don't qualify to give advice, but my SIL asked for doll gifts for her first daughter (for Xmas) so that her daughter could take care of her 'baby' while Mama took care of the real baby.

    Sounds like Kiki is going to be energetic! Bean kicked and moved ALL THE TIME in my belly, while Buddy was pretty still. Let me tell you -- their personalities have not changed much since in utero! :)  

  4. # Blogger Linda Kerr

    2nd babies??? You will need more bibs and washcloths. I went through SO many of those. If you don't have yourself a sling...not a Bjorn, get one/borrow one/beg for you. You will need it and if you can get baby in there early you'll be hands free! Other than that, you're pretty good. Borrow and beg for gear you don't have because if Emmy didn't like a swing, sometimes the next one will!  

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