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day five: toddler conversation

tonight at dinner, emmy told me that "there's a giiiiant tarantula at ms. shelley's," a.k.a. her preschool. better still, "tarantula's name is bo bice!" i asked to confirm this naming several times and emmy stood by her tale: the spider is bo bice. given that we never watch american idol in this house, shall we just call this one heckuva strange coincidence? (and no, shelley does not have any insects in the classroom, although she did dig up some earthworms in the yard once. she tells me that emmy watched it for a long time and finally proclaimed, "worm is soooo cute!")

after this conversation, i was serenaded with the first half of san-toki; every word was dead on. the grandparents will be so proud.

and mr. onk is still around; he's finally allowed em to share in his daily grass feast. yum.


2 Responses to “day five: toddler conversation”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    bo bice! that's hysterical. and so random!  

  2. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    oh, the hilarity of toddler conversations!
    Hm... bo bice... isn't that the long haired dude who was kind of a ladies' man...? Well, well, well... Emmy!  

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