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day four: what to eat

i'm totally digging citymama's NaBloPoMo daily recipes - very inspiring. the recipes that i've tried from her site so far have been delish and super easy, so i totally want to try my hand at some more.

but as for tonight? what did i eat for dinner, you ask?

one bear claw.
one box of apple juice.
one package of neoguri ramen.
and some ben & jerry's neapolitan dynamite ice cream.

just call me the very hungry caterpillar. or a crazy pregnant woman... you pick.

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5 Responses to “day four: what to eat”

  1. # Blogger iso.bot

    ben & jerry's makes a neopolitan? that's my absolute favorite flavor!  

  2. # Blogger Superha

    yummy... bear claws...  

  3. # Anonymous Lori

    MM went through a very hungry caterpillar jag when I was deep in the throes of morning sickness with this one; it was all I could do to keep from hurling whenever we got to the day he eats all the junk food. I do not have happy memories of that book.  

  4. # Anonymous Cary Quinn

    Hi Kim,
    If you crave sweet stuff and like pecans, check out www.riverstreetsweets.com. They have yummy pecan pralines and bear claws. :)
    Thanks for sending your website- I like to check it out when I need a distraction at work!  

  5. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    mmm I just realized that I have a neuguri ramen in my drawer - I'm SOOOO going to make it for lunch.
    ah, I remember the crazy preggo diet... mine was fruit, fruit, and korean food.  

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