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day one: meme time

so i finally kicked myself in the butt and signed up for NaBloPoMo. this ought to be interesting... between work deadlines, art projects, keeping up with emmy, upcoming holidays (and a big ol' 2 year birthday), a steadily growing tummy, and, oh yeah, the need for sleep, we'll see if i even make it past week one. *fingers crossed*

anyhoo, while browsing some blogs today, i saw that i had been tagged for a random things type of meme. it's been ages since i've done one but hallejuah, perfect timing! something to write about on day one. thanks, an'd!


once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. at the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

  1. in seventh grade, i was convinced that i wanted to be an interior decorator. i even subscribed to metropolitan home magazine... cause i liked it! this career aspiration conveniently (or not so conveniently) coincided with a career-themed project for school. all of the teachers scoffed at me, insisting that i couldn't dare waste my brain on any job that wasn't science and math related. and thus, the college-bound engineering path was born. of course, what do i do now? make ming ming capes and think of caterpillar cakes. heeheehee. and i'm so. much. happier. that. way.
  2. in high school, i helped build a giant whale out of thick plastic trash bag material. seriously. it was easily the length of a swimming pool and inflated with your standard room fan. we toured all of the local elementary schools to teach kids about the environment, all while sitting inside it.
  3. in college, i was a member of a sorority... and a professional chemistry fraternity. eek.
  4. if i could go back to college, i would not have been an engineer. i'd consider the hotel school instead. or maybe food sciences.
  5. i've loved hello kitty since my childhood, when i got my first stuffed kitty in red overalls. emmy sleeps with her now. sadly, my fave hk shirt was stolen from a dryer in my college laundry room... by a girl who liked to poke herself in the temples (and yes, there were scabs from that). bizarre.
  6. as a teenager, my biggest celebrity love of all time was johnny depp. how could you NOT get sucked into 21 jump street?
  7. the one thing that i miss most about vacationing in korea? food vendors with their carts parked all along city streets. much tastier than your boring ol' hot dog box.
  8. i could live off of chick-fil-a breakfast sandwiches, their little potato rounds, and a giant cup o' sweet tea. with the occasional corn dog thrown in for good measure.
i tag Beloved Babbling, Bokumbop, Deliberately Random Thoughts, HalfMama, Kitchen Fire, Mama Nabi's Hwe, Superha's Speculations, and The Lotus Life. c'mon, ladies - take a 5 minute facebook break and join me in the randomness!

see you tomorrow!


5 Responses to “day one: meme time”

  1. # Blogger Beloved

    1. Wow! I have to say I'm impressed that you signed up for NaBloPoMo. And I'm thrilled 'cause I get to read you everyday--woo hoo!

    2. Street food is way up there on my list of "things I miss in Korea," too.

    3. Re: the meme. I'm in! I need as much blogging fodder as I can get.  

  2. # Blogger halfmama

    Oh boy... meme. Okay. Will get on it. After honglien's meme. Once I read some books.

    I SO daydream about applying for that hotel school now. Went to summer school there. Dude. Food was SO GOOD.

    Okay, SO weird about the temple-poking girl. And so sad. But not cool that she took your shirt!  

  3. # Blogger Superha

    so you and my hubby would get along great. he LOVES chick-fil-a. maybe that hk t-shirt is on eBay... you never know. :)  

  4. # Anonymous sarah

    Wouldn't it be funny if I posted every day in November but never signed up fo NaBloPoMo? It's that whole commitment and fear of failure thing, I suppose.

    Alright, now to think of 8 random things...  

  5. # Blogger iso.bot

    you know, i remember you wanting to be an interior decorator. and i kind of remember that whale. i remember the discussions of it, but i just can't picture it in my head.  

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