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day seven: shopping

knowing how busy this year has been (and will continue to be), i've been working on my *drumroll, please* holiday shopping. excuse me if this admission makes you ill, but i'm almost done with everyone on the list. hallejuah! i still need to place a couple of orders and make a few of the handcrafted gifts, but overall i'm pleased to know who's getting what - and to see the pile of gifts to be wrapped growing.

with emmy's birthday coming up soon, we've decided that we don't need to overly splurge on lots of gifts for her at christmas. heck, if we play our cards right, she'll still be opening birthday gifts by then! she's still too young to understand everything about the holiday but we will make it a fun one for her. to that end, we have already purchased the one big holiday gift o' the year: a wooden kitchen. after debating the large yet way cool pink retro set at costco and spending a few heady days in dreamtown, touring the oh-so-portable rose petal cottage suburban "dreamhouse" (a.k.a. throwback to the 1950s), we finally compromised on a simple wooden set that is both space efficient and provides enough storage to suit my ocd organizational needs. now, being the anal mom that i am, i intend to stock the fridge with some cool new play foods - and this is where you come in. i know several folks have posted asian pretend food reviews before, but so far the only interesting sets that i've found are either this new "feast from the east" set (what a punny name, eh?) or the standard melissa & doug sushi sets. any recommendations from the peanut gallery?

(or feel free to comment that i spend waaaay too much time thinking about toys. or holiday shopping. you're probably right on both counts.)

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4 Responses to “day seven: shopping”

  1. # Blogger Rebecca

    Ah man! I thought I was going to be cool Auntie Becky because I found that Feast From the East set! (Ok, Angela found it, but she shared it with me.) But, you already know about it.  

  2. # Blogger halfmama

    Ooh I haven't seen that Feast from The East thing yet! I love it, but it's more Feast from Japan. We need to represent from Korea, yo. Where's the kimchi, the jigae, the tables with grills?  

  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    You know... I was thinking how restaurants (esp. in Korea) have these fake plastic renditions of their food displayed outside? Wonder where they get those... and if they make stuff as toys.  

  4. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    OMG - I just checked out the plastic kitchen that makes realistic noises... Damn. I wonder if I can con... I mean, suggest to my sister to go in on one. Actually, with that thing in our living room, I think LN's other toys can spend more time in the toybox!  

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