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day three: i might as well be naked

why is it so hard to find decent maternity clothes that are stylish (i.e., not cut like a tent, or pushing your tatas out for all to see) and cheap? really, i know you marketing gurus out there realize that many women will pay gobs and gobs of money on all things wedding and baby related; these are our "special times" when "memories are made," and really, isn't it worth it?

well, in a nutshell, no.

you wear the stuff for a couple of months and then store it away again. if you're lucky, you pass it on to your other expanding mommy friends. with this pregnancy, i have my old tub of maternity clothes that i used with emmy, along with the generous tub of stuff from close pal angela. i was even lucky enough to inherit a couple of tops and coats from a local mom who moved away and couldn't pack it all. but seriously, seeing 90% of the same boring maternity clothes - all originating from 2005 - in my closet each day makes me want to sob a bit. and today's trip to the mall was a bust. i'm now sifting through ebay and wondering how to stay warm between now and february. think our old goose down comforter would make a nice holiday sweater?

by the way, be sure to wish our favorite little ajoshi, T, a great big happy birthday today! he's turning the big T-W-O... have a great day with the family, little man!

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6 Responses to “day three: i might as well be naked”

  1. # Anonymous Sandra

    The best clothes I got were from Motherhood maternity, http://www.motherhood.com/  

  2. # Blogger Beloved

    Seriously, I have enough trouble trying to find good clothes for a non-pregnant me to wear. Sounds like it's even more "fun" shopping in the maternity department. Great. Something to look forward to. heh.  

  3. # Blogger Rachel

    What about the Liz Lange for Target line? Old Navy? I hear you, though. Who wants to shell out big bucks for clothes you're only going to wear for three or four months?  

  4. # Blogger halfmama

    I still wear some of my maternity tops and tell everyone they are empire cut. They are so much more comfortable!  

  5. # Blogger kim

    Thanks, gals, but Motherhood, Old Navy and Target have all been recent busts - along with the crappy selection at department stores. I guess I'm just not really feelin' the current styles in those stores - and usually I can live in Old Navy around the clock. The sad thing is that most of my pregnancy wardrobe is suitable for work, not playtime.  

  6. # Anonymous Lori

    I had the same problem with Old Navy - I usually do okay there, and last pregnancy I even got my Very Favorite Maternity Pants there, but this time they seem to think that pregnancy is a good time to just let it all hang out. The necklines are cut waaaaay too low - yuck.

    Add "plus-sized" to your requirements, and there's really nothing available. If you have breasts larger than, oh, say, 26A, most of the nursing bras are torturous, and don't get me started on all the hip and happening underwear that does nothing but ride down under my belly...

    Yes, it's about time to not be pregnant anymore. ;)  

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