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day two: free stuff rocks

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it's 9:20pm and we're decompressing from the ridiculously crazy week. emmy woke up at 5:37am this morning and proceeded to babble to herself for almost an hour when, suddenly, she was fast asleep again. score one for mommy! she then gave the absolute best gift in the whole world: the gift of sleep. we lumbered out of bed at 9:49am and it was divine. she's now fast asleep and the hubz and i are enjoying a hot friday night of... laundry. and lots of it. but just so i don't screw up this blogging thing so early in the month, i've decided to share my super special, top secret fave site of the interwebs: prizey.

i won a chicken bOble from mama speaks already. don't question it - just go to prizey and win yourself something cool too. (unless your name is nina and you happen to be super... give the rest of us a chance to win too! lol) but seriously, it's my new fave addiction. and yes, emmy does *heart* her bOble.


6 Responses to “day two: free stuff rocks”

  1. # Blogger Superha

    whatever do you mean? ha, ha. that chicken furniture/toy thing is pretty cute. hope emmy enjoys it and congrats on winning! perhaps you'll be the new SUPERKIM winner of everything. :)  

  2. # Blogger Misty Beethoven

    I also did laundry Friday night. It must be a sign of our age.
    I'll be sure to check out prizey. Maybe I, too, can win a chicken.  

  3. # Blogger halfmama

    I've been all over that site and haven't won a thing! Of course, I don't go back and check the blogs to see if I have won anything.


  4. # Blogger kim

    misty, i love that prizey has random giveaways too - it's not all mom/kid stuff. i just registered to win the twin peaks dvd box set (but i'm guessing i didn't get it).

    halfmama, i'm trying to hit a lot of the little sites; some of them like goodyblog just get too many participants (but i enter those too). i'm hoping superha's luck rubs off on all of us!  

  5. # Blogger Bethany

    Thanks for sharing! I just signed up to win five prizes. Awesome!  

  6. # Blogger Jeremiah McNichols

    Thanks for spreading the word about PRIZEY! Kim, you should send us a pic of you glorying in your winnings - we give out occasional prizes from PRIZEY to winners who send in pictures for us to share with readers. We'd love to give you the chance to win something else straight from us!

    We especially love it when people tell others about PRIZEY and we get to see reader feedback. Based on the quick-hit format of PRIZEY, we don't have a space for visitor comments, which occasionally makes us wonder what our visitors are thinking. We have been thinking about ways we could help readers keep track of giveaways they enter. We don't want to do anything that discourages return traffic to the blogs we cover (like posting winners' names) but if there was a way for us to keep up with contest winner announcements so that PRIZEY users could check in with contests they'd entered... we'd love to do it. We're publishers, not programmers, and we don't have time to do this manually, so it would be some sort of hack of existing, free online services. If anyone has any ideas, let us know at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com!  

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