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miss know-it-all

snippets from today, brought to you by the letter e and a seriously runny nose:

on the way to school, when asked what she wants for lunch...
"cole slaw. we talked about that yesterday."
(sorry, my bad - yes, we did. and no, it was just a side dish.)

while eating lunch...
"water chestnuts in there? no, lettuce? no, cabbage!" said while eating cole slaw.

after nap...
"i'm awake! time to play. mommy come play with you downstairs. daddy had to go to school to do study."

at dinner...
"dere is chocolate in there!" said while inspecting a sheet of seaweed.
when corrected and asked where seaweed comes from...
"oh, seaweed comes from a cow"
uh oh.

while playing...
"mommy read pocahontas, and emmy read this book in the green chair. better in the green chair."
moments later...
"this book is weird." said about her princess mini-book set. (hallejuah!)

and miss smartypants quickly caught on that mommy will do pretty much anything to keep her chatty daughter quiet during an impromptu work conference call. even if that means we're now running out of the chocolatey pepperidge farm cookies. oops.


4 Responses to “miss know-it-all”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    Ha ha ha... she is so cute! I love reading about Emmy's daily observations.  

  2. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Seacows make seaweed. Really. Emmy does know all.

    :-D Ooh, you're going to have so much fun with all her new sentences... I remember thinking LN was already so verbal... and then after she turned two, oh boy, it's amazing! AND fun. I wish I took the time to write more of those down.

    Oh, and the Miss Know it ALL will become QUEEN of know it all.  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    Love Emmy's words and sentences, very sweet. That's great that you are writing this all down and can look back years from now and remember...  

  4. # Blogger Amanda

    How I love to hear the thoughts and phrasing of little ones. So sweet!  

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