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99 bloggy posts on the wall

99 bloggy posts on the wall
99 bloggy posts
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98 bloggy posts on the wall...

amazingly, i'm one post shy of 100 for this incarnation of kimelee.com. it's been a lot of fun posting random tidbits about the life of emmy, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, and filling up my occasional bouts of spare time. and while i'm sneaking up on this posting milestone, i'm officially on hiatus. yup, mama needs a break. here are some recent "lessons learned" to explain why:
  • we love daddy. having blair around for the summer has been wonderful. no school, no books, no teacher's (or kim's) dirty looks. i'm getting spoiled by all of the extra attention, even down to the simple "let's veg out in front of the tv" time. we have 5 weekends left before year 2 of medical school officially begins... and we're currently booked for 4 of them. i'm sure i'll be hitting the computer like there's no tomorrow come mid-august, but until then, i'm opting to spend my nights with the man of the house.

  • i'm tired. chasing after a toddler by day, and working on budgets, reports, and everything else at night, takes a toll on you. on top of that, my current role ends in 2 months and i'm stuck playing the game to find a new project. in the past year, i've bcome quite comfy in my flexible work-at-home (at night) arrangement. going to the office to schmooze it up is no longer in my repertoir. after an hour or two, i'm dying to get home, shake my booty with the emster to a rockin' episode of jack's big music show and put on my mommy cap again. and when did my fave work pants get so darn tight? sigh.

  • it's summer. 'nuff said.

  • my to-do list is too long. knowing that we only have a few short weeks left with daddy time, the lee family to-do list is a mile long. between improvement projects, landscaping that begs to get done, organizing, em's big girl room and personal projects (that darned baby book!), i'm swamped. like i said, i'll be back as soon as blair retreats to his fortress of textbooks and i lose all motivation to be productive.
so as i said, i'm on hiatus. call it an extended summer siesta and i'll promise to write "what i did for my summer vacation" when i get back. there might even be a little show-n-tell if you're lucky.

and on that note, here are some recent pics from a private rocknoceros concert. yes, we are VIPs, and yes, we do roll like that.

front row seats, baby

put your shakers in the air like you just don't care

look at my hardcore guitar skillz, i know you're jealous

tots gone wild
(i have no idea where she learned this one)

no more fotogs, no more paparazzi - we're on vacay

and on that note, i wish you all a wonderful summer! hit the pool (or beach if you're so lucky), explore a new playground, taste a new flavor of ice cream, play without schedules and hug your kids lots - that's what we'll be doing.

oh, and in case you wanted one last glimpse of what summer laziness does to us lee folk, ponder this:

separated at birth?

hope you're having a good day at work, hon! muahahaha...

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happy 4th of july, everyone!


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