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the wonder pets... save halloween

wonder pets, wonder pets
we're on our way
to help a little puppy and save the day

we're not too big
and we're not too tough
but when we work together, we've got the right stuff

goooooooo wonder pets, yay!!!!!

linny, tuck, and ming ming too
we're wonder pets and we'll help you
what's gonna work?
what's gonna work?

um, how about some candy instead?


the price of beauty

beauty can be itchy, sometimes


six degrees with a toddler

two posts in one day... practically a record nowadays, i know, but i had to get this one down before i forgot. here's our conversation from today's ride home from school:

emmy: "what kind of work? teamwork!!!"
me: "yep, that's what the wonder pets say"
e: "they save da mouse"
m: "that's right, we saw them save the mouse"
e: "mouse in da saxophone. owl plays saxophone!"
m: "well, yes, the owl on sesame street plays the saxophone"
e: "owl is very shyyyy!"
m: "um, yes, the owl in bear's new friend is very shy"
e: "he bashful"
m: "yes, but then he makes new friends and they go to the swimming hole together"
emmy smiles, seems satisfied, and tells me to drive home NOW.

so to recap:
the wonder pets - mouse - saxophone - sesame street owl - owl in bear's new friend
all you parents wondering how to connect ming ming the duck to big bird or bear's friend badger can now thank little miss know-it-all... who's FINALLY asleep upstairs. whew.


mr. onk

after dinner each evening, emmy peers over the side of the sofa to look down into a vent.
it's time to check on "mr. onk".
"onkie" is a white elephant.
and he likes to eat grass (... or maybe crabs?).
"don't eat his grass," she tells us.
we promise to leave his food alone.

welcome to our first imaginary friend.


sugar and spice... times two!

guess this is what life with 2 little girls looks like, eh?

we* can't wait!

*seriously, emmy's been certain of her baby sister for weeks now. in fact, her teacher told me today that she's told all of her classmates that "mommy has baby kiki in her tummy." yeah, she's named her "kiki lily(pad)." where did this kid come from?!

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