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program manager by night
children's painter somewhere in between

snackin' and slackin'

since a certain maternal person around here
is still too lazy to post, i'm continuing to fill in.
man, i sure hope i get paid for all this work!
(btw, this is how camels walk. learn from the master.)

so here's my mommy impersonation:
step 1. get comfy in your favorite chair.
step 2. eat.
step 3. repeat.
c'mon, you know i'm right...

but me, i'm staying busy.
i'm working on my rodeo routine.
check out my fierce beast!
look, ma - no hands!

anyhoo, we're at two weeks and counting.
either mom's gonna pop soon or someone's
been sneaking too many oreos after i go to bed.
guess she still needs to learn about sharing, eh?
(special shout-out to my peeps, miss carolyn and auntie becky!)

so that's it. me and dad, we're just chillin'.
i'll keep you posted if anything cool happens.
peace out for now, yo.


9 Responses to “snackin' and slackin'”

  1. # Blogger Superha

    LOVE that pic of you (I'm writing to Em, of course) on the couch with some grub. You sure know how to blog and relax. Any day now, huh? Good luck to your mommy!  

  2. # Blogger Misty Beethoven

    Awww! You look so pretty Kim! Wish I could see you, I know you're counting down the days! Love you!  

  3. # OpenID alessandrastarr

    Ah, Emmy, you are going to be so busy when Kiki Lilypad gets here, you won't have time for slackin'  

  4. # Blogger Beloved

    Yeah, (even though I'm childless) I agree with Sandra. Slack while (if) you can.

    Emmy's such an awesome guest blogger. I'd watch out though. She may just take over once you get real busy with the baby. She looks awfully comfortable in the limelight and she may just need a place to grouse about having to share the attention. :)  

  5. # Blogger Angela

    Emmy is a star! Great photos and she is a wonderful guest blogger, looks like you have some serious competition on your hands, watch out!  

  6. # Blogger halfmama

    She is getting so big! *sniff* And you all look wonderful. Luuuurve when Miss Guest Blogger Emmy makes an appearance!  

  7. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    My goodness, your mommy impersonation explains everything! Your mommy and that tummy baby of hers are too busy wiping up crumbs from her chin to blog... thank goodness for Guest Blogger Extraordinaire Emmy to fill us in. You forgot to mention, however, that your mommy's birthday is coming up! (HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, KIM!!!)

    Man, Emmy IS getting so big - she's more a little girl than a toddler in these pictures... AND getting more gorgeous (if that's possible!).  

  8. # Blogger honglien123

    Happy Birthday Kim!! (It's past midnight EST time right?) You look beautiful. Good luck with Kiki Lilypad. Wishing you a smooth delivery!

    PS Emmy is a fantastic guest blogger. Love the snack n' chill pic.  

  9. # Blogger Sarah-Ji

    Thanks for the photo update, Miss Emmy! Give a hug to your mama and Kiki Lilypad for me!  

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