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100 days and counting


today is maddie's 100 day birthday (baek-il). since we save all the big festivities for the first birthday celebration (tol), we had a pretty low-key day. blair came home early and fired up our tiny grill for the first cookout of the year. and, just as we did when emmy was a baby, we enjoyed a little (cup)cake dessert.

um, nice cupcakes, mom... but i can't even eat them yet!

okay, so emmy enjoyed a nice dessert. maddie sat and watched us all stuff our faces. it's hard to believe that we'll be starting solids in just a couple of short months!

the silly things we do for fun

happy 100 days, maddie-boo!


fun fact o' the day - check out the latest koream journal; there's a cute article about jon & kate plus 8 and i'm actually quoted in it! random, huh? one of their writers found me via comments left on an old kimchi mamas post. it was definitely pretty cool to get that in the mail today.

mama nabi - nope, emmy's right-handed... she just likes to experiment with both.

sun and others - if you're interested in pics, etc., drop me an email and say hi!

to everyone with more than one kid - what double stroller do you recommend? i'm starting to rethink ours and would love some input. thanks!


9 Responses to “100 days and counting”

  1. # Blogger Rachel

    Happy Baek-il to Maddie! She is gorgeous.  

  2. # Blogger abdmommy

    Happy Baek-il! My SIL recommended one of the ones where the toddler can stand or sit on a little seat, rather than a full-blown double stroller, so I'm leaning in that direction. Haven't decided yet, though.

    We're back now - sending mail!

    - Lori  

  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Yay - Happy Baek-Il, beautiful Maddie!!!

    Mmmm, those cupcakes look yummy. I love the expression on Emmy's face - LN makes the same face often. CUTE!!!  

  4. # Blogger bokumbop

    What a beauty - she looks so wise with those big inquisitive eyes! Happy 100 days!  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    백일 축아해요!

    Here's to 100s more healthy and happy days to come!  

  6. # Blogger Superha

    Happy Baek-il, Chubby Cheeks! Love them. Emmy is so cute as a big sister.

    P.S. Five Guys = NC. :) You're so lucky you have them in DC!!!  

  7. # OpenID alessandrastarr

    Happy Baek-il!

    I don't know anything about double strollers, but hopefully you will find one that works well for all four of you.  

  8. # Blogger angie

    I'm DYING over here from the CUTE factor! look at your BEAUTIFUL family. *smile*

    double strollers? i don't remember the name of the one i had, but it wasn't worth the money we spent on it - i slung the baby (JC) and strolled the bigger one around (AM).  

  9. # Blogger gooksu

    Maddie is absolutely beautiful. Happy baek-Il!!!  

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