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the usual suspects

suspect #1: 3 month old, 2 foot tall female, weighing 15.5 pounds with brown hair and hazel-blue-green-gray eyes. last known address is within the packnplay township of gracoville.

- known boo-boos: needle mark on thigh from recent visit to "the doctor."
- likes: fast-moving swings. mirrors. sticking out her tongue and staring at her hands. storing nuts milk in cheek pouches for winter.
- dislikes: loud sounds, especially the crying of an older sibling. bath time with daddy.
suspect #2: 2.5 year old, 3 foot tall female, weighing approximately 28 pounds with light brown hair and brown eyes. last spotted talking with "little bunny foo-foo" and the rest of the lovey gang. also has ties to the imaginary elephant mafia boys, "mr. onk" and "sebby". may be armed and... uh, legged (two of each).

- known boo-boos: nasal bruise due to run-in with an oncoming swing. knee scrape from recent sidewalk scuffle. small lip laceration from table hit-and-run.
- likes: eating bbq chicken wings and spicy baby octopus. playing hide and seek (behind your back). reading the little quack books. blowing bubbles. drawing with "magic markers" (the color wonder kind). floam. finding nemo. cuddle time.
- dislikes: the word "no". tripping on the sidewalk. sharing mommy's attention... sometimes.
- favorite phrase(s): "wait a mitten!" and "i love you"
if you have seen these two suspects, please, PLEASE leave them be - they're sleeping at the SAME time! ah, sweet blissful silence!

working with the sketch artist

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9 Responses to “the usual suspects”

  1. # Blogger bokumbop

    They are so guilty ... of cuteness!  

  2. # Blogger jooliyah

    cute post of cute girls!  

  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    ah.... yay for the nap-time bliss! Is Emmy left-handed? (I know, such a Korean thing to notice things like that...) She's going to be an artiste like momma, huh?

    Beautiful picture - I think that top picture is still my favorite so far of the two.

    ssshhh, let's not wake them up...  

  4. # Blogger Superha

    why is it that the quiet you experience when your two kids are napping at the same time is so much better than any other sound in the world?  

  5. # Blogger jooliyah

    hello hello! i didn't know you guys were facing military life too. so good to know that! wouldn't it be cool to end up in korea at the same time?

    and yes, life with a newborn and a toddler is very very nutty. ah!  

  6. # Blogger angie

    i can't believe you're not napping, too!

    (trust me, it gets better and easier . . . you'll find your Mom x 2 style very soon.)  

  7. # Blogger kim

    Mama Nabi: Nope, Emmy's right-handed as far as I can tell... but she does like to experiment a bit! Daddy trained himself to be ambidextrous so maybe she has that nutty gene too. :)  

  8. # Blogger Sarah-Ji

    They are SO CUTE!!!! Good to see you back in the blogging saddle. The family portrait is just beautiful. You look awesome!!!

    And please don't forget to grant me access to the super secret photo site!


  9. # Blogger Beloved

    I'm with Angie. Why aren't you napping too, silly Mama? Although of course, I'm glad you're blogging instead. :)

    What a great post! I love the black and white pic of the girls. Beautiful.  

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