diapers, budgets & paint

stay-at-home mommy by day
program manager by night
children's painter somewhere in between

kids 1, mom 0

we apologize for our mother's laziness
she'll resume posting as soon as we let her out
to use the computer again

the sisters lee

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8 Responses to “kids 1, mom 0”

  1. # Blogger Superha

    Please, Sisters Lee,

    Let Mama out.



  2. # Blogger Snickollet

    Sisters Lee:

    You are too cute. I think you have paralyzed your mother with the cuteness!


  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Sisters Lee, obviously you have some fans... but we do so miss your mother. Please do give her some computer time.

    Basking in your awesomeness... but pining for that gorgeous mama of yours.  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    Love that picture. Those cheeks! So pinchable. There is something very sweet about sisters.

    I have missed your voice. But I understand.  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    Well, you sure do know how to melt the hearts of an angry mob of blog readers looking for new posts. Your girls are SO precious!!!

    Glad to know (from other news) that big sister likes her new school. Excellent!  

  6. # Blogger bokumbop

    LOVE those cheeks. And the little scrape on Emmy's knee!  

  7. # Blogger sillie smile

    wow, a post!! :) and an updated pick! they are sooo pretty... love the matching shirts, too :) maddie is still HUGE! love it!  

  8. # Blogger moonbaby

    Your girls are SO cute. Your little one is such a chunker!  

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