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a new beginning

... or how we celebrated presidents' day 2008:

in the hospital

and at home with the big sis

welcome, maddie!

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butterflies & birthdays

twelve hours and counting... time to share a story 'cause there's nothing else to clean or cook or nest!

last week, after a morning of carousel-riding, ice-cream-eating, tiny-train-traveling, and fish-watching at the local mall, emmy and i dropped into our nearby costco megastore for a little shopping. as we were perusing the toddler dresses, another korean mom tentatively walked up and asked, "do you know... mama nabi?"

wow. i was floored. whereas i originally "met" mama nabi via the kimchi mama circle of friends, this mom had stumbled across mn's blog while reading metrodad. yet we had both become loyal readers, following every update, watching little nabi grow, and wondering what would happen next in her current quest for a new, healthier life. it was amazing how that other mom and i quickly bonded over our shared fondness of mama nabi, and we even discovered that we travel in similar circles around here. (oh, and she recognized my little ghostwriter too.)

anyhoo... while i've never had the good fortune to meet mama nabi in person, we've exchanged several emails, cards, and messages, and have probably spent a wee bit too much time facebooking one another (vampires anyone?). i'm always in awe of her strength of spirit, determination, and amazing writing ability, and think of her often... especially now. i (and many others) would love to do more for her but i know in my heart that she'll make it on her own, regardless of how many particularly nasty obstacles are tossed in her way. one day, i hope to stumble across this amazing woman joyfully sipping coffee and sharing madeleines (or duk!) with her little nabi, at a street cafe somewhere in the world... but until then, i'll be sending her lots of positive vibes, love, and support from afar.

i hope you will too.


so, any last words for a soon-to-be-mom to two? we're in the home stretch and i'm making the most of my short-term pregnancy sweet tooth while i can. time to finish packing and get some sleep! check back later this week for the grand introduction...

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snackin' and slackin'

since a certain maternal person around here
is still too lazy to post, i'm continuing to fill in.
man, i sure hope i get paid for all this work!
(btw, this is how camels walk. learn from the master.)

so here's my mommy impersonation:
step 1. get comfy in your favorite chair.
step 2. eat.
step 3. repeat.
c'mon, you know i'm right...

but me, i'm staying busy.
i'm working on my rodeo routine.
check out my fierce beast!
look, ma - no hands!

anyhoo, we're at two weeks and counting.
either mom's gonna pop soon or someone's
been sneaking too many oreos after i go to bed.
guess she still needs to learn about sharing, eh?
(special shout-out to my peeps, miss carolyn and auntie becky!)

so that's it. me and dad, we're just chillin'.
i'll keep you posted if anything cool happens.
peace out for now, yo.


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