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100 days and counting


today is maddie's 100 day birthday (baek-il). since we save all the big festivities for the first birthday celebration (tol), we had a pretty low-key day. blair came home early and fired up our tiny grill for the first cookout of the year. and, just as we did when emmy was a baby, we enjoyed a little (cup)cake dessert.

um, nice cupcakes, mom... but i can't even eat them yet!

okay, so emmy enjoyed a nice dessert. maddie sat and watched us all stuff our faces. it's hard to believe that we'll be starting solids in just a couple of short months!

the silly things we do for fun

happy 100 days, maddie-boo!


fun fact o' the day - check out the latest koream journal; there's a cute article about jon & kate plus 8 and i'm actually quoted in it! random, huh? one of their writers found me via comments left on an old kimchi mamas post. it was definitely pretty cool to get that in the mail today.

mama nabi - nope, emmy's right-handed... she just likes to experiment with both.

sun and others - if you're interested in pics, etc., drop me an email and say hi!

to everyone with more than one kid - what double stroller do you recommend? i'm starting to rethink ours and would love some input. thanks!


the usual suspects

suspect #1: 3 month old, 2 foot tall female, weighing 15.5 pounds with brown hair and hazel-blue-green-gray eyes. last known address is within the packnplay township of gracoville.

- known boo-boos: needle mark on thigh from recent visit to "the doctor."
- likes: fast-moving swings. mirrors. sticking out her tongue and staring at her hands. storing nuts milk in cheek pouches for winter.
- dislikes: loud sounds, especially the crying of an older sibling. bath time with daddy.
suspect #2: 2.5 year old, 3 foot tall female, weighing approximately 28 pounds with light brown hair and brown eyes. last spotted talking with "little bunny foo-foo" and the rest of the lovey gang. also has ties to the imaginary elephant mafia boys, "mr. onk" and "sebby". may be armed and... uh, legged (two of each).

- known boo-boos: nasal bruise due to run-in with an oncoming swing. knee scrape from recent sidewalk scuffle. small lip laceration from table hit-and-run.
- likes: eating bbq chicken wings and spicy baby octopus. playing hide and seek (behind your back). reading the little quack books. blowing bubbles. drawing with "magic markers" (the color wonder kind). floam. finding nemo. cuddle time.
- dislikes: the word "no". tripping on the sidewalk. sharing mommy's attention... sometimes.
- favorite phrase(s): "wait a mitten!" and "i love you"
if you have seen these two suspects, please, PLEASE leave them be - they're sleeping at the SAME time! ah, sweet blissful silence!

working with the sketch artist

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back in the saddle again

from this little announcement, twelve weeks ago...

... to this family portrait, taken today

as you can see, we're still alive and well. blair just finished up his second year of medical school and is gearing up for the big step 1 test. emmy's almost done with her first year of preschool (gulp!) and is two-and-a-half going on thirteen. amazingly, it took nine weeks for the new baby honeymoon to end for her but she's been 99% sweet to little maddie. and "little" maddie just ain't so little anymore; weighing in at 13 pounds, 5.5 ounces at two months put her in the 95th percentile for chunky goodness. as she approaches the three month mark, she's wearing 6 month clothing, sleeping through the night (most of the time), and babbling away.

and me? well i'm getting the hang of this expanded motherhood gig, although i still find it difficult to balance the needs of two kids (and i'm sure that won't be changing anytime too soon). i've become a pro at nursing one-handed while fixing a meal, helping emmy in the loo, and doing the rest of my toddler-mommy duties. it definitely helps that i'm not headed back to work anytime soon, courtesy my maternity leave and personal leave of absence. in fact, i'm not expected in the office again until july 2009. ain't life sweet?

i hope to start posting here every now and again but don't hold your breath - it all depends on how the moons of (toddler) moodiness align with the stars of sleep in this household. until then, leave me a comment if you'd like to see our *shhhhh* super-duper secret photo site.

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