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potty sophisticate

when you're a sophisticated lady like emmy, you expect the finer things in life: premium goldfish crackers, top-shelf whole milk lactaid and clean diapers. here's our week in review:
sunday: nothing
monday: 2 pees, 1 poop w/pee
tuesday: 2 pees, 1 poop w/pee
today: 1 poop w/pee so far...

okay, so maybe that's a little tmi(!), but our laid-back approach to familiarizing ourselves with the potty seems to be working well. i know we need to jump to training pants to really get this underway, but i hadn't expected that we'd be doing so well so fast. perhaps this weekend... i even bought a pack of cool alert pull-ups last night in case i'm too lazy to keep up with the cotton ones...

oh, and just try to guess how many "oh my gawd, that lady is CRAZY" stares i got at playgroup this morning when the topic came up. there were also a couple of embarrassed "my kid is waaaay older and we don't even HAVE a potty" looks too. lol, i'm sure they think i'm pushing emmy too hard but seriously, she's doing this on her own! all i do is take her diaper off and help her climb on the seat, i swear!

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can you say potty?

wow. this has been a seriously wow day.

so emmy has been telling us, off and on, when she goes poopy for quite some time. i knew that i wanted to start familiarizing her with the concept of a potty chair, so we picked up the bjorn one this past weekend. i've also been reading diaper free before 3 for some tips, as it comes highly recommended by some of the folks on the dc metro mommies board.

yesterday, i had emmy sit on the potty chair twice, when she first woke up and right before bedtime. nothing happened, but she enjoyed herself and we read books for a bit. i was happy to see that she didn't mind the chair and that she had the patience to sit and play for a bit.

this morning, blair took her to the chair when she awoke. while brushing my teeth, i heard him exclaim that there was pee! pee!!! what a big accomplishment! we were both very happy but figured it was just luck. em wasn't fazed a bit: yeah, so i made pee. now let's play!

after our morning snack, i figured it was time for a diaper change so i had her sit for a second. almost immediately, there was pee again! AND POOPY! woohoo!!!

and then again, before i put her down for her nap: more pee!

i was going to approach this process very slowly and wait until em was closer to 18 months... now it looks like emmy's getting the hang of this pretty quickly - and i don't want to miss this perfect opportunity! so we headed out to tar-jay this morning and bought a second, cheaper potty chair for downstairs and lots of training pants. this should be a super exciting week!

since i forgot to post these last week, here are em's stats from her 15 month check-up: weight is 21 lbs, 10 oz (35th percentile) and height is 30.5 inches (50th percentile). it totally seems like yesterday when she was at the 75th percentile for each of those but she's definitely plateau'ed a bit. she's come a long way from our little 6 lb, 13 oz babe, huh? :)

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