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just uploaded my first video tonight - sadly, the quality stinks since it's just from our little digital camera (not the *real* video camera... which, of course, we never remember to use). anyhoo, here's emmy from a few weeks ago: she's learning to share with her pal "melmo".

oh yeah, and we've mastered the ring toy too! (well, not always in the right order - she's more artsy that way.) em's showing a lot more interest in puzzles as well, and we just added several more sandra boynton books to the collection. i love that lady - she must be rolling in dough for writing short rhymes that are so freakin' simple, yet so amazingly catchy. i actually don't mind reading each of her books about 52 times a day. gotta love kids who like books!

today's big step: i went to a preschool open house!
don't worry, we're probably going to wait and enroll emmy in the fall of 2008, but places around here can have looong waiting lists so i figured i'd start my homework early. and anyway, why rush childhood, right? once she becomes a "student", she'll be there until she's (probably) in her 20's. we've got plenty of time to play and learn together before that happens!

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