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day 13: scheduling woes

"holiday" birthdays: fun and cool or just horrible timing?
what if you had to share your birthday with cupid?

discuss and comment while i rip hubby's medical school (exam) schedule to shreds.


day three: i might as well be naked

why is it so hard to find decent maternity clothes that are stylish (i.e., not cut like a tent, or pushing your tatas out for all to see) and cheap? really, i know you marketing gurus out there realize that many women will pay gobs and gobs of money on all things wedding and baby related; these are our "special times" when "memories are made," and really, isn't it worth it?

well, in a nutshell, no.

you wear the stuff for a couple of months and then store it away again. if you're lucky, you pass it on to your other expanding mommy friends. with this pregnancy, i have my old tub of maternity clothes that i used with emmy, along with the generous tub of stuff from close pal angela. i was even lucky enough to inherit a couple of tops and coats from a local mom who moved away and couldn't pack it all. but seriously, seeing 90% of the same boring maternity clothes - all originating from 2005 - in my closet each day makes me want to sob a bit. and today's trip to the mall was a bust. i'm now sifting through ebay and wondering how to stay warm between now and february. think our old goose down comforter would make a nice holiday sweater?

by the way, be sure to wish our favorite little ajoshi, T, a great big happy birthday today! he's turning the big T-W-O... have a great day with the family, little man!

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hair dye rant

first off, my closet purge went quite well - and someone's coming to pick up my giant bag o' clothes in the morning. woohoo! time to move on to other closets / cabinets...

if i move on to a certain bedroom cabinet, for instance, i'll come across a box or two of hair dye. i'll be the first to admit that yes, i do dye my hair. it's a tragedy. my paternal grandmother was completely gray by the age of 30, and my dad definitely passed along that trait. my mother's korean genes have bravely battled the inevitable, so it's not like i have a whole ton of gray; it's just enough to be rather noticeable on top, especially against my dark hair. now that i'm too cheap to visit my old colorist, i make do with the clairol natural instincts semi-permanent line. it washes out after several weeks, but i'm just too darn scared to make the jump to permanent dye on my own. (it was also the brand of choice in high school when my friends and i wanted to go brighter / redder... oh the memories!)

anyway, it seems that the marketing folks over at clairol are re-packaging their product. the new label has a "new sense of style", according to their website. well, am i the only person to notice their new lack of diversity too? they've gone from 3 asian models to just 1 (from what i can quickly see) and that just stinks. i know this sounds silly, but part of the reason i picked this line is because of the models on colors like 28B and 38! and it's not like all of the models were replaced so what gives? i really don't see what's so great about the replacement gals; sure, they're pretty and all but they don't offer anything more than the old models and 28B sure was nice. am i just crazy to even notice this?

okay, rant over, back to tidying up... i hosted my first ever selling-type party tonight. i've never really been a fan of any of the at-home type shopping shows, like mary kay or longaberger baskets or partylite candles (although pampered chef is pretty useful at times), but i ADORE usborne books! usborne makes some terrific, highly interactive children's books; a sample board book may include touch-feely accents along with flaps to open, or you might just find that puzzle pieces are embedded within the actual pages of the book. i got a few last november and emmy's loved them ever since, so i figured i'd host a party for my local mom friends and reap the benefits of a few free books too. lots of fun was had by all, especially with all of the desserts and wine that we enjoyed. if you're interested in learning more or checking out my e-show, just drop me a line and let me know. since i was such a bookworm growing up and can already see that mirrored in emmy, i love to spoil her with these great, imaginative books - i'm so excited to send in my wish list order!

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