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k-u-dos to you!

our good friends carolyn and henry came over for dinner and game night. us gals have a looong tradition of absolutely killing the husbands at every game we play, of course! after a rousing game of scene it, we moved on to an old fave: taboo. during one of the rounds, blair tried to describe the word "kudos". in a final, last ditch effort...

blair: uh, what would the initials of kansas university be?
henry: K-U
blair: right! and what was microsoft's first operating system?
henry: dos!
blair: right! so put 'em together!!!
henry: K-U-dos? K-U-dos? K-U-dos! K-U-dos!!! ...and repeat until timer runs out
oh man, there wasn't a dry eye (or pair of underwear) left in the house! poor blair and henry, maybe next time you should skip the wine! (and if you don't get how incredibly silly this was, maybe you just had to be there.)

in other exciting news, emmy signed 3 new words for the first time today: shoes, socks and apple! then tonight, carolyn gave her a belated christmas gift: a pink hand-crocheted hat and scarf set. they are the perfect size for little emmy; as soon as i put them on her, she grinned as wide as possible and knew she was stylin'. thanks, miss carolyn! i'll have to post some new dress-up pics soon!

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we *heart* books

in honor of emmy's never-ending love of books, i've added the "what emmy's reading" list to the site (on the right). i hope to keep track of her top six or so favorite books at any given moment, and if i'm good i'll even try to update it weekly. perhaps you'll find a new tome for your little one... remember, all books featured have the official emmy-stamp of approval!

p.s. - thanks for leaving such a sweet comment, rachel! we *heart* you too!

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snippets of our day

"mooooo", she said. i'm a cow. duh!

recent cool things:
  • we had a great, great day: a puppet show and playtime with friends - mommy really needed the chance to get out of the house
  • emmy ate like a champ - from apple pancakes and bananas to ravioli and spinach and meatloaf and broccoli and cauliflower and even a clementine, PLUS snacks ("nacks!")
  • and even better: em seems to like the new variety of soy milk we bought - could this be the solution to our evil milk problem? (on a related note, i tried calling our peds today to ask what they suggested. uh, yeah, waste of time. all i got back was a voice mail telling us to try anything that's "lacto-free." um, did you mean lactose-free, perhaps? and thanks, like i couldn't figure that out on my own. sheesh.)
  • i *heart* the signing time dvds. i totally recommend them to anyone trying to teach their child sign language. we've seen volumes 1-9 courtesy of our local library system, but i may just have to breakdown and get the whole set. it's signing time with alex and leah... that song runs through my head a million times a day! and yes, the picture above is emmy signing her version of "cow." i think she probably spends a good 50% of her day signing "more - eat - cheerios - more - eat!" to us now, with the occasional "cheese" thrown in for variety. at least the kid knows what she wants!
  • emmy's starting to pretend play now and it's one of the coolest things i've ever seen! it started with her putting stuffed animals under blankets and saying "night night". then she started feeding them with a doll milk bottle. and just the other day we spent at least 30 minutes giving her tiger a check-up - she's totally fallen in love with her tiny medical bag and likes to hear mommy make the buh-bum sound when she uses her stethoscope. just a warning though: that girl is vicious with the fake syringe. her poor tiger must have been vaccinated for everything... in the eye. ouch!
and that's all for tonight, folks! g'night!

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