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i want my emTV

disclaimer: expect a lot of randomness here - i've had a gazillion updates floating around in my head recently but only now have the time to post some. on the plus side, my work-work is almost done, 5 paintings just got finished, gifts are done and wrapped, and my to-do list is finally almost empty. yahoo!

so our little girl has officially moved to the "big girl room" in preparation for baby #2's arrival. although her new room has been ready for quite some time, i finished moving the rest of the clothes, toys, and decorations over on monday, and emmy got her first chance to sleep in the big bed that night. i figured we'd sing an extra song or two, or maybe even toss in an extra story to commemorate the occasion. instead, we read one book, sang one song (not the usual three) and was quickly told "get off the bed, mommy. time to go sleep." snif.

and in true emmy fashion, yet another milestone was accomplished with little fanfare. she loves the new room, adores the big bed, and has even slept late every day since the move! the only slight hiccup is that it takes her a good hour to fall asleep at naptime, and that's only after a couple of stern warnings that it's quiet time. and that she better stop walking / running / bouncing on the bed.

and now i'm addicted to our new video monitor. seriously, if i'm still watching her when she's sixteen, someone shoot me. but for now, i want need my emTV.


recently, while watching the animal planet channel...

em: "what IS that?"
me: "those are ferrets, honey."
em: "actually, it's a dog."
me: "no, that animal is a ferret. it's long and - "
em: "ACTUALLY, it's a DOG."
um, okay. i stand corrected.


remember my obsession with prizey? i haven't been able to check it in ages but was extremely surprised to find that i won an old contest that i entered back in november! courtesy of the hostess with the mostess, i'll be receiving a cool new pulp factory calendar soon! it's no surprise that i picked the "a new baby's life calendar" and the timing couldn't have been better. thanks, jenn!

and i'm so excited about my NaBloPoMo painting prize in the works - matt is doing an original 8"x10" canvas for me. can you guess what i've requested? there's a certain movie that's been a favorite since childhood... and now em's inherited my love for the main characters too... mei and satsuki would be so proud! hint, hint!


oh, speaking of new babies, i've been feeling a little panicked nesty lately. i'm consumed with the thought that baby #2 will come early, throwing off our oh-so-carefully-planned delivery. in the past week, i've washed loads of em's old clothes; the nursery is now stocked with EVERYTHING for 0-9 months. i've purchased diapers in sizes newborn to 1-2. wipes are coming out of my ears. and i have more nursing pads that you can shake a stick at.

but i'm keeping my fingers (and legs) crossed that we'll make our scheduled delivery date.


i just gave copies of the green frogs: a korean folktale to the kids in our korean playgroup. the drawings are wonderfully quirky and emmy keeps begging us to read the tale. while it does mention death (which may be an early / confusing concept for a child so young), i highly recommend the book. in fact, blair and i both remember hearing the tale from our respective mothers growing up. kids, do what your moms tell you to do, okay?


after reading a farm book...
"emmy's not a piggy. piggy is a piggy. emmy is a piggy!"

while using crayons...
"i like red... because... i like blue"

in the car, after running lots of errands and skipping naptime...
"sing twinkle [twinkle, little star], mommy. i need to go to sleep."

toddler logic: priceless.

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day nine: feelin' fine

whoa! i'm sitting here, minding my own business and reading my daily bloggalicious updates, when all of a sudden i see my name on the prizey site! i'm a "prizey peep!" hurray for free stuff! hurray for shout-outs! (and can i suck up some more to win more toys? heh heh heh)

in other news, some very perceptive mommies out there have recently stumbled upon my little side gig: kiddie clips. it's a nice distraction that keeps me "busy" when i veg out in front of the tv, so drop me a line if you're interested in a little something something.

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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day two: free stuff rocks

Z Recommends
it's 9:20pm and we're decompressing from the ridiculously crazy week. emmy woke up at 5:37am this morning and proceeded to babble to herself for almost an hour when, suddenly, she was fast asleep again. score one for mommy! she then gave the absolute best gift in the whole world: the gift of sleep. we lumbered out of bed at 9:49am and it was divine. she's now fast asleep and the hubz and i are enjoying a hot friday night of... laundry. and lots of it. but just so i don't screw up this blogging thing so early in the month, i've decided to share my super special, top secret fave site of the interwebs: prizey.

i won a chicken bOble from mama speaks already. don't question it - just go to prizey and win yourself something cool too. (unless your name is nina and you happen to be super... give the rest of us a chance to win too! lol) but seriously, it's my new fave addiction. and yes, emmy does *heart* her bOble.


things i love #2 (ode to emmy)

some days you're sweet, my playful bunny
some days you're brave - oh crikey, honey!

sometimes you're sad to brush, brush, brush
sometimes you slow down mommy's rush

on other days, you're playful! silly!
in a tizzy, willy nilly!

and other times, you work real hard
on the farm and in the yard

you're growing fast, my little one
and mommy hates to miss the fun...

...like when she has to go to training for work
and sit through eight long hours of blah, blah, blah.
(i can't imagine going back full-time, that's for sure!)
see how inspired i get when my brain turns to mush?
hallmark, i'm sending you my resume asap.

thanks for staying home today, daddy!

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things i love #1

i'm stealing citymama's idea, but here's a new feature recapping, well, things i love. in this first edition, it's things i've loved this past week (especially since i've been too busy to blog properly... sometimes you just have to get your housework and work-work done... and watch grey's anatomy):
  • berber carpet. six to ten of your favorite little ankle biters can spill drinks, crumble food, drool and enjoy messy-happy-fun-kid-time in your playroom and you won't notice a thing.
  • our dyson dc-14 animal. the only vacuum strong enough to suck thirteen pounds of crushed goldfish crackers and teddy grahams out of said berber carpeting. i love playgroups as much as the next mom, but man those kids can be destructive with their snacks.
  • sandra boynton at kohl's. i've never been a big fan of kohl's department store, but i do like their "kohl's cares for kids" program. they sell good, well-known books and toys for just $5 each, with proceeds benefiting health and educational opportunities for children. right now you can get 3 sandra boyton song books, each with an accompanying cd! we picked up rhinoceros tap, philidelphia chickens and dog train today. they also have stuffed characters from the boynton books but we have waaay too many furry friends for that deal.
  • lands end overstocks. i just ordered two new swimsuits at great clearance prices, and i have my fingers crossed that at least one will fit well! if emmy and i get into the aqua tots class, i'll need something to cover up my, uh... mommyness. on a happy note, as of this week i am FINALLY back to my pre-pregnancy weight! (yeah, i know, it only took 14 months... sigh.) i'm hoping to lose a little more too, but hey, aren't we all? it is amazing, however, how the weight distribution totally changes during and after pregnancy. (remember, blair - if you ever get a crazy notion to go into plastics, i sooo get the friends and family discount first!)
  • this blog. it's been a great way to meet some new friends and, best of all, reconnect with old ones.
aside from boring house stuff and work, em and i have been super busy this week with four different playgroups / playdates. we even managed to hang out with my neighbor and her two girls - they're hapas like me! her youngest looked very similar to emmy... it was so cute to watch them eat snacks together, stealing crackers and cheerios from each other's napkins. the older girl (4) was such a sweetie, giving emmy kisses and "reading" book after book to her. i only wish that we'd all met earlier and that they weren't planning to move this summer. oh well, we'll just have to make the most of the next few months!

emmy's making her papa proud in that picture - way to use an otoscope, dr. lee... and my, what keen fashion sense you have!

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